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An observation and a clarification

March 2, 2010

I realised that a lot of my posts so far, and I am willing to wager, a lot of them in the future will, contain the approximate phrasing “I didn’t mean to watch it, but somehow I started”. This may appear as me being apologetic for my reality watching. Maybe the shame really is so ingrained that I am trying to justify even while I’m trying to further the cause.

But it is also true. I usually don’t think “this show about young pregnant teenagers throwing chickens at one another on their 16th birthdays stuck on a desert island while racing around the world looks fantastic. I have to watch”. Well, to be honest, if such a show existed I probably would think it was awesome and tune in straight away. For whatever reason, however, I am an accidental viewer. I am one of those couch potatoes who uses the TV as background noise while I study, cook dinner, do the dishes and so on. Therefore at times I am searching for something to watch, as the number of shows I seek out probably only number about 5 (a huge shock probably to those who know me). So I flick around and find these random things. They pique my interest and I’m sucked in, lost for the rest of the season.

Although I don’t seek out documentaries either, and when I watch them I’m invariably interested in what they have to offer. Not seeking them out doesn’t determine their quality, nor what I think of them. Maybe I do buy into the idea of this being trash tv. But I still keep watching, so I can only figure that maybe there’s something a little more to it.

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